What people think of our courses

“MetaHeal is an amazing company that takes ideas and turns them in to world-changing products that everyone can access. The quality of the work, the heart-and-soul poured into the projects, and the vision of the company is something I’m honored to be a part of.

Not only do the products give incredible value to customers, but their platform for authors and affiliates are top notch as well.”

“Holistic Sex is the most extensive guide I’ve seen to improving your sex life.

With over 11 hours of audio and worksheets included, I haven’t found a topic that isn’t touched on in this program. This program reminds me of one of Tony Robbin’s extensive programs …but with a way more fun subject ;)

That being said, if you want to explore your own sexuality in a healthy and deep way (without shame or dogma), I highly recommend getting this course.”

“[Holistic Sex] has a very grounded and holistical view of sex and pleasure. Anyone, no matter how experienced, can find something very valuable in this course. Totally worth it.”