MetaHeal Media Production

  • Event production and design
  • Event filming and photography
  • Advertorial video
  • Cinematography
  • Press

Scan A QR Code?

The media pass that you are holding is protected by QRID-SECUREDĀ® and offers identity verification. You are at their employer’s website.

This media pass gives the bearer access to press, media, and event privileges. They may be carrying sensitive and high-end professional photography equipment for mission-critical jobs.

Enhanced Verification Process

You can validate the bearer by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the ID next to their rear photo and confirming a match.

Travel Information

This badge grants the bearer “media rates” for checking baggage. For a list of airline policies, click here.

Badge Information

The titles you see at the bottom of the photo declare the person’s level of access.

  • “Executive” personnel are C-Suite officers or administrators
  • “Production” personnel are in charge of producing and directing events and film
  • “Editor” personnel are managers and oversee event tasks
  • “Assistant” personnel are usually tasked along with editors, production, or executives for support