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Have you ever felt your sex life just wasn’t fulfilling your deepest desires?

Maybe it’s the guilt and shame you feel around certain acts. Perhaps it’s the shallow connection with your partner. Or even your lack of confidence and experience around sex.

Whatever “it” is, you know it’s preventing you from truly having the pleasure, connection, love, self-expression, and fulfillment that comes from incredible sex. By now, you probably know deep inside it’s not going to be fixed by a few new positions or techniques – that it’s going to take something deeper – something that will transform your understanding and approach to sex and relationships.

Instead of being told what to do (and not to do), you need to be shown how to think for yourself – how to question everything you’ve been told and discover what’s making you happy… or keeping you secretly miserable. That’s why this course was created, to teach a central philosophy called “holistic sex”; to bring together all the missing puzzle pieces for you. To help you bring together all aspects of your being; to merge the dirty and the divine. This course does NOT teach you physical techniques… you know most of those already. What this DOES teach however, is everything else.

Eight years in the making, Remarkable Lover’s “Holistic Sex – Merging The Dirty & The Divine” by Drew Gerald, is the pinnacle of all sexual philosophies.

In this 11-hour audio course and workbook, you’ll transform everything you thought about sexuality into an approach that will satisfy and fulfill you to core. You’ll also being able to heal and clear all the things in your subconscious mind that you had no idea were preventing you from incredible sex and deep love.

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Six-part digital audio course, one digital HD video, one PDF workbook.


11+ Hours


Drew Gerald


Remarkable Lover

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